About Us

Hug and Hatch is a 'home-grown' British children's shoe brand designed by Laura and Lisa two footwear designing Mums. After years of struggle to find styles that were individual but had all the quality at an affordable price they decided to start 'Hug and Hatch'. With close to 15 years experience a piece working with and for some very 'well-known' brands they had the contacts with factories and the technical knowledge to produce the footwear for their brand.

Styles 'Hug' a child's foot and help them 'Hatch' into healthy walkers. With special care paid to support at the ankle area (imperative for growing children) and a 'stitch-down' construction (allowing for a child's foot to spread comfortably) each style also has a leather lining and upper, a natural breathable and durable material for children's footwear.

Please download our Hug and Hatch foot gauge to ensure you get the correct size for your hatchling.

Happy Wearing xx